Participating in a hybrid event

Written By Luisa Pfleiderer (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 17th, 2022

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events combine the physical and virtual world. You can meet the exhibitors online or at the physical venue and you can profit from various ways to interact and engage with the recruiters. The experience on the day will combine both physical and virtual features.

Hybrid events provide a wider reach due to their lack of physical and logistical limitations. Candidates and recruiters from all over the world can participate in a hybrid event - while the physical fair still stays active. So even if you are spending a semester abroad or can't make it to the physical venue for other reasons, you can still participate in the event!

What do you need to consider when participating in a hybrid event?

1. Before the event

The online platform provides you with extensive information about the event and the exhibitors.

When registering for the event, you can let the organisers and the exhibitors know if you are planning to participate  "Online from another location", "In person", or "A bit of both"

After you have registered, you can already visit the virtual venue a few days before the event actually goes live. You can find out more about the physical venue, check out the program of the event day, and do research about the exhibitors. This will help you to make most of the event day and to make a lasting impression on the recruiters during the event!

Your profile will be visible to all recruiters participating in the event. An informative profile will help you to get the attention of the recruiters and to get headhunted. We therefore highly recommend, that you add information to your profile and upload your CV! Even if you are planning to participate physically, online recruiters can still use the event hours to reach out to you. So why only bet on one horse?

If you are planning to attend the event physically, make sure to install the 'Graduateland Events' app on your phone. The app is available on the App Store and on Google Play. In that way, you can still explore the only venue of the event. You can log in to the app with the same details as you would on the browser version to get access to the event area.

2. During the event

Use the time to meet the different exhibitors and find out what they can offer you!

If you participate in person, you can use the 'Graduateland Events' App. Here are some examples of how you can integrate the app into your physical visit:

  • You can find out where the different companies are located via the event map. 
  • Scan the QR-codes of the different exhibitors to explore their online content. 
  • Connect or start a chat with the companies to stay in touch. Use the 'connect' button to share your profile with the company. After you have connected with them during the event hours, you will be able to continue the conversation with them online after the event. 

If you participate 100% online, we recommend using a computer or laptop. 

3. After the event

For most events, the event lobby stays open for a couple of days/weeks after the event. 
You can use the online venue to follow up on conversations that you have started or use the job board to apply for jobs!

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