Booking 1:1 Conversations

Written By Amanda Costa Bizarro (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 7th, 2022

Do not miss out on the chance to have a pre-booked 1:1 conversation with the company representatives. You can request time slots in the different company stalls, both prior to and during the event.

To request a slot go to the "1:1 conversations" section of the stall and select the time and recruiter you would like to have the conversation with. The recruiter then has the chance to look into your request and profile and confirm or reject the request.

On the event day, you can join the call via a button at the same spot at the stall when your 1:1 conversation booking has been confirmed by the company. Alternatively, you can join via the day planner entry or the reminder you have received via email. 


  • Prepare! Do some research about the company and the representative you are having the conversation with. Don't forget to have some smart questions ready to make a lasting impression. 
  • Join the meeting on time and dress appropriately. The first impression counts.