Creating your event

Written By Christine Wang (Liquid error: internal)

Updated at September 2nd, 2021

Creating your event is easy:

1. Log in to the admin side of your portal.

2. Go to the "Events" tab.

3. Click on "Create an event".

4. Fill in the various fields defining your event. Keep in mind if you want to change your name as the Organiser or the logo that is attached, you will need to reach out to us so we can change it in the backend of the system.

5. Move onward to the Participant and Companies steps, adding your preference for the each of these.

6. The confirmation steps gives you a preview of what your event looks like. Moving forward from that step via the Next button, your event is now created! You are then redirected to the dashboard of that event from which you will be  managing your event moving forward.

Take a look at the video below in which we will take you through the process:

Keep in mind we recommend you to create demo events on top of your actual event so that you can do some tests and get more familiar with the three different angles of the platform (candidate, exhibitor, and admin). It is also a good idea to use such demo events to onboard your exhibitors. 

Your event is now created. It is time to manage your event!