Getting your company stall ready

Written By Luisa Pfleiderer (Super Administrator)

Updated at November 9th, 2021

How to set up your stall

As soon as your recruiter account is set up and your company is registered for the event (find more information about these steps in this article), you can start setting up your stall. Your stall is ready in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Getting started 

When accessing the tab "stall settings" for the first time, you can choose if you want to start from scratch or if you want to use content from a previous event.

  • Start from scratch means that your stall will be a clean slate and you can upload all the content you want.
  • Import content means that you can transfer the content from a previously attended event. You can select the event in the dropdown. You can then edit or add new content after importing.

Step 2: Adding and editing content

Get your company stall ready by scrolling through your stall and adding all the content, such as text and images by clicking on the green buttons or pen icons!


  • Invite your colleagues to the event team. Without adding them, they cannot access the event area! You can invite new team members by typing in their names, and then you will be asked to add a few details. They will then receive an invitation email.
  • Add a photo to your profile. If you add a picture to your profile, you are more likely to get more chats because candidates can see the people sitting on the other side.
  • Post your jobs in time.  Add relevant jobs and put them online well in advance. This will give you more job views and applications. Candidates are also more likely to visit your stall before the event if they see jobs attached. See how to post jobs here.
  • Use the chat topics. Make full advantage of the four chat topics in order to improve participants' engagement and to help you organise incoming chats; for instance by structuring who in your team should handle which topic. Learn more about the chat here
  • Structure your stall description. Make it easy for the participants to learn more about your company. Inserting FAQ questions can be a possibility.

Step 3: Setting your stall online

  • Use the 'Preview stall' button to find out how the candidates will experience your stall. Make sure that everything looks as you want and make sure that all relevant jobs are included.
  • Your stall will be visible to candidates when you have put your stall online. The earlier you set your stall online, the more candidates get exposed to your brand. Companies that set their stall online in time receive more applications and video booking requests!
    Please check with your event organiser when they are planning to open up the company area for the participants. They often do this one week before the event day!


I uploaded a video to my stall. Why does it not show when I click on ‘preview stall’?

Make sure that you are using a Youtube or Vimeo link and that the video is public. Also, the settings of the video on Youtube/Vimeo need to allow it to be embedded.

Why can I not upload a cover image/welcome image/logo/picture to my stall?

Please make sure that the pictures fulfill the following criteria:

  • Event banner: 1920 x 1080 px. Keep in mind that the image will be cropped and adapted depending on the device/screen size that you have. The visible height is usually 480px. 
  • Cover image: 1920 x 1080 px or larger. Max 5Mb.
  • Welcome image: 480 x 375 px or larger. Max 5Mb.
  • Intro image: 985 x 560 pc or larger. Max 5Mb.
  • Logo: For a beautiful result; go for a white or transparent background, squared image (no margins), png.-format, no tagline, min 400x400 pixels.
  • Image reel: 1920 x 1080 px or larger. Max 5Mb.
  • Profile picture: 200x200. Max 6Mb.
  • Videos: Public Youtube or Vimeo video link

Make sure to have the highest resolution. We do not have one resolution to recommend as it works on multiple devices.

Why is my cover image weirdly cut? 

The cover image will be cropped and adapted depending on the device/screen size that you have. In that way, users can access your stall from various devices. 

How do I add new team members to the company so that they can attend the event? 

You can add colleagues in the stall settings under the team section. You just have to click on the edit button (pen icon) and enter the name of the team member. If that colleague does not yet have an account, you will have the chance to enter the colleague’s details and send them an invite via mail. They will then be able to set a password and access your stall. 

I have invited a colleague to the chat team - they show up in the chat team list now, but they have not received the email to set their password. What should I do? 

First, your colleague should check their spam folder.
Second, they should reset their password via the “forgot password” link.
If they still can't access your stall, please contact your event organisers.

Is it possible to adjust the background pictures of the chat topics?

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible.