Interacting with companies

Find out how to make most of the event day by engaging with companies.

Written By Customer Success (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 20th, 2021

Finding relevant employers 

One of the goals when attending an event is to learn more about relevant employers and to connect with them. Go to the "Companies" tab to explore all the exhibiting companies! You can often do this even before the event goes live.

  • You can decide on the order the companies are shown via the different sorting options in the dropdown. 
  • Click into each company stall to read up about the companies before reaching out. Why? So you do not end up asking questions they have answered in the stall. Instead, gather information and use these insights to position yourself more strongly! 

Chatting with companies

Live chatting is one of the essential parts of a virtual career fair. There are many advantages to this: It saves you time, it can save you money and it is super convenient. Even with the ease of access, do not forget to put in the work and effort to ensure an efficient conversation, as this will more likely benefit your career! Do your research, update your profile, and prepare an elevator pitch.

When the event goes live, you can start a chat in two ways:

Go to the company stall that you would like to engage with and start a chat by clicking on one of the topics!
Be patient if the company does not get back straight away. Remember that the company representatives may have multiple chats ongoing simultaneously. You can continue looking through the event in the meantime - when the recruiter gets back to you, you will get a notification in your inbox (the envelope icon in the top right).

You can also start a chat directly with a company when viewing one of their job posts! Go ahead and ask questions about the specific job or the company in general.


Dress up! Why? First of all, studies show that dressing up as a professional will help keep you in the right job-hunting mindset. There is power in dressing the part—more so than you might think. Secondly, company reps are actually able to directly video (and audio) call you from the chat, so be prepared! 

Booking video conversations

Do not miss out on the chance to have a pre-booked 1:1 conversation with the company representatives. You can request time slots in the different company stalls, both prior to and during the event.

To request a slot go to the "Video conversations" section of the stall and select the time and recruiter you would like to have the conversation with. The recruiter then has the chance to look into your request and profile and confirm or reject the request.

On the event day, you can join the call via a button at the same spot at the stall when your video conversation booking has been confirmed by the company. Alternatively, you can join via the day planner entry or the reminder you have received via email. 


  • Prepare! Do some research about the company and the representative you are having the conversation with. Don't forget to have smart some questions ready to make a lasting impression. 
  • Join the meeting on time and dress appropriately. The first impression counts. 

Joining breakout rooms

Breakout rooms consist of one or multiple group call sessions within exhibitor stalls where you can meet the company and other participants. It provides valuable two-way communication in a more comfortable setting.

Breakout rooms are used in various forms. You can, for example, take part in Q&A sessions, workshops, or seminars. Find out what kind of sessions the exhibitors are hosting by visiting their stall. Add them to your day planner so you don't miss them! 

On the event day, you can hop in and out of the different sessions. The link is available in the breakout room section of the stall.


  • Prepare! Think about how this session can be valuable for you and prepare questions. 
  • Engage! The more you engage, the more valuable the session can be. 
  • Dress up! You can join the sessions via video.

Watching live presentations

Go to the "Presentations" tab to engage with the presenting exhibitors. Your favorite company might be doing a live session, or you might learn something about a new company you did not know about! 

See the presentation schedule for the day, and add the ones you find interesting to your day planner.

The video will be streamed directly to the platform. You do not need to join any call or download anything, just watch it in the "Presentations" tab!

Do not forget to type in questions and upvote the ones you find interesting.

Applying for jobs 

A career fair gives you a unique opportunity to connect with recruitment professionals and to collect information from interesting companies - and, who knows? It might be the first step towards your new job. The virtual event makes it easier for you to get an overview of what jobs the companies have available and you can easily apply for them!

Where to go if you want to see available jobs? Well, there are two ways:

If you are interested in specific companies, go directly to their stalls.
Here, you'll be able to see what jobs they have brought with them to the fair.

If you are interested in vacancies in general go to the "Jobs" tab in the event.
Here you will get an overview of all vacancies that the attending companies are promoting at the event. You can even use different filters, to find the most relevant opportunities for you.


Wait for applying for jobs until after the fair. Spend your time during the event engaging with companies as it is time-consuming to get a good application ready!