Tips and tricks for attending an event

Learn how to prepare and maximise your outcome!

Written By Customer Success (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 2nd, 2021

As an event is a unique opportunity for you to connect with companies it is a good idea to be as prepared as you can! Here are some quick tips and tricks:

If you want to prep even more, keep on reading! 

Before the event: 

  • Fill out your profile as much as possible. Why should you do this? 
    • Companies can source candidates and reach out to the most interesting ones.
    • Companies usually check out the profiles before accepting a video conversation booking.
    • Chat conversations can be more valuable as the recruiter can get an overview of your profile easily.
    • The event will show you the most relevant jobs and exhibitors for you based on your profile information.
  • Visit the event a few days or weeks before it goes live to do some research about the attending companies. With many events, you can check out stalls in advance. You can:
    • Read up on the available jobs to prepare great conversations. 
    • Structure your event day by adding live presentations or breakout room sessions to your day planner.
    • Book video conversations with company representatives. 

During and after the event:

  • Find the companies you would like to talk to - reach out and engage!
  • If there is a live presentation - don't miss the chance to engage. Make sure to write live questions and upvote interesting questions!
  • To make your time efficient at the event, wait to apply for jobs until after the fair. Since this is a rather time-consuming task, spend the time engaging with the companies during the fair and apply for jobs after!

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